Adam Monroe
Franklinton, NC
BSChE, University of Arkansas, 1988

After receiving his BSChE, Adam Monroe began working as a process engineer for Freeze Technologies in Raleigh, N.C., a startup company that attempted to separate and concentrate hazardous liquids utilizing freezing points. In 1991, Monroe joined Novozymes, a biotechnology company headquartered in Denmark, which afforded him his first job in the world of biotechnology. He has been there ever since holding numerous roles from Recovery Engineer, Supply Chain Director for the Americas, Global Capacity Planning, and his current role as President for North America. Throughout his career at Novozymes, Monroe successfully introduced the first genetically modified fermentation strain in the United States, managed a major $200M expansion of the Franklinton, N.C., site in 1994, established Supply Chain Management as a global function within the organization, and established a global supply line of enzymes for the U.S. biofuels market during a period of rapid growth. Monroe also achieved Novozyme’s Tier One membership with The Sustainability Consortium and board membership for BIO, the leading industry organization for biotechnology. Additionally, Monroe was responsible for operations in Mexico and Brazil, as well as the customer base in North and South America. Today Monroe represents Novozymes’ eight locations in North America, including their Franklinton headquarters, research laboratories in Davis, Calif., a microorganism research and development center in Salem, Va., and the newly established Bio-Ag division located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Monroe spends considerable time in the government and public arenas to generate public interest and policy support in bio-based solutions.


Arkansas Academy of Chemical Engineers, 2011.