Bob Tindall
Monticello, AR; Alhambra, CA; Tyler, TX
BSChE 1957
MSChE 1970, University of Southern California
PhD (ChE) 1972, University of Southern California

After finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Arkansas, Dr. Tindall joined the American Oil Company, where he worked for four years. Tindall then served two years at Union Carbide. In 1962, Tindall took a position with CF Braun & Co in Alhambra, CA. During his tenure at Braun, Tindall completed both of his graduate degrees. In 1973, Tindall joined Howe-Baker Engineers where he worked on process design of ammonia, hydrogen, and synthesis gas plants, including more than 20 years as Manager of Process Engineering, Syngas Division. Tindall developed the SYNGAS computer program for the process design of such plants. Arkansas


Academy of Chemical Engineers inaugural induction, 2005.


Dr. Tindall passed away August 9, 2005. He will be missed.