Clinton W. Bates
Fayetteville, AR; Conroe, TX
BSChE 1934

Clint Bates was employed at Exxon in Humble, TX from 1934 until his retirement in 1972. During his time with Exxon, Mr. Bates was one of the best recruiters to visit the University of Arkansas. He started visiting the campus in the 1950’s and recruited across all engineering disciplines. The chemical engineering faculty always looked forward to his visits because he took the entire faculty and their wives to dinner at Suzie Wong’s Chinese Restaurant. Clint’s personality could best be described as calm and reassuring. He made it a point to get to know faculty, staff and students personally and he truly cared for the well being of others. Clint had a profound impact on the department in the area of faculty professional development and effective teaching. He established the Bates
Teaching Professorship in Chemical Engineering in honor of his great-grandfather and his great-grandfather’s descendants. Clint Bates had a profound love for the UA campus and it is not surprising that he expressed his desire to be buried in the Evergreen Cemetery across Dickson Street from Engineering Hall.

Arkansas Academy of Chemical Engineers Honorary Member, 2008.