Eugene C. Davis

BSChE 1980

Following graduation, Gene joined Texas Instruments (TI) as a process engineer in the Defense Electronics Group. In 1988, Gene was elected Member Group Technical Staff being the first to qualify/implement powder coating technology on military hardware and water-soluble flux for circuit boards on military electronics. In 1990, Gene transferred to the TI Silicon Products Department (SPD) and developed expertise in the field of wafer polishing and planarization. In 1995, SPD became a joint venture company with MEMC Inc (now SunEdison), and he became their global technical leader of wafer polishing and developed a ‘best practice’ silicon polish process that was implemented in all MEMC factories that maintained wafer quality while achieving a three-fold reduction in production costs. In 2003, Gene returned to TI to become a Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) engineer, and he was again recognized for his technical achievements by election to Senior Member of the Technical Staff in 2006. In 2009, he was chosen to support the startup of world’s first 300mm analog wafer fab in Richardson, Texas. In 2013, Gene was elected Distinguished Member Technical Staff. Gene holds five US and five international patents and has authored numerous publications. He currently serves as the Chairman of the American Vacuum Society CMP Users Group and is a member of the Microelectronics-Photonics Graduate Program Industrial Advisory Committee at the University of Arkansas.


Arkansas Academy of Chemical Engineers, 2015.