Lee M. Riley

London, UK

BSChE 1981

MSChE 1983

Lee is Managing Partner in Riley & Associates, LLC that provides consulting services in business management, supply chain management and manufacturing execution systems for businesses in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Lee began his career as a process engineer at ALCOA in Bauxite, AR, where he held roles in production and research developing simulation models for the Bayer process.  In 1986, Lee joined Setpoint, Inc. in Houston TX.  At Setpoint, Lee held many roles in the vertical market areas of upstream oil and gas, chemicals, polymers, and petrochemicals.  Lee was instrumental in expanding Setpoint’s business establishing its Manufacturing Systems Division, which was responsible for the global migration of multinational chemical companies, like DuPont, to Setpoint’s products and technology.  In 1996, Aspen Technology acquired Setpoint, and as Vice President of Global Services, Lee was responsible for leading or co-leading over 300 consultants delivering control, optimization, and supply chain management solutions globally.  In 2002, Lee became Vice President of Global Customer Support & Training at Aspen and was responsible for over one quarter of total company revenues. Lee left Aspen in 2005 to establish Riley & Associates. Lee believes his strong ethical and academic foundations have contributed to his entrepreneurial achievements and his previous success as Vice President for Aspen Technology’s global businesses.  To fund the success of future generations, Lee actively volunteers in youth programs such as the Boys Scouts of America and promotes science and math activities at his sons’ school.  Lee currently lives in London, UK with his wife and two sons.  When not working or volunteering, Lee relaxes by playing golf, practicing on his cello (a new pursuit), travelling to new countries, reading, and writing in his journal.


Arkansas Academy of Chemical Engineers, 2009.