Robert A Cross
Fayetteville, AR
BSChE 1957

Mr. Cross has been involved throughout his career in membrane separation technology, particularly related to biomedical applications, water and waste treatment, and ultrafiltration and microfiltration separations in the food and pharmaceutical industries. His 30 years of industrial experience included 9 years with Amicon Corporation, where he was Director of Process Research, 17 years with Romicon, Inc. (a subsidiary of the Rohm and Haas Co.) as President, and 3 years with his own company, Bioken Separations. These companies were all involved in the manufacture and sale of membranes as well as the development of new applications and system design and engineering. Cross joined the faculty at the University of Arkansas in 1995 as a Research Professor. He formed the Center for Membrane Separations, which has successfully conducted research for such entities as Cargill, Masterfoods, and EJ Gallo Wineries, Koch Membrane Systems, the USDA, NSF, and the U.S. Army. He teaches courses in membrane separations and chemical engineering design. Cross has also generously established the Joyce J. and Robert C. Cross Endowment, in honor of his parents.


Arkansas Academy of Chemical Engineers inaugural induction, 2005.